Call it what you want – trailing spouse, plus one, expat wife or dependent. The struggle and the judgment…..SO REAL!

Self-inflicted or otherwise, it’s a freakin’ pain in the ass. But this is not one of those sites that mope with sob stories. OK, maybe just a couple. This space is very much about sharing my new normal that doesn’t feel normal. I hope by sharing (read: venting) this journey, it helps me to come to terms with it. I hope it provides a fun, maybe funny, read for fellow dependents (gosh, I hate this word) and just about anyone in similar situations to know you are not alone, which can often happen when we are immersed in it.

I am not sure if I am able or want to dish out advice because, hey, don’t we already know most of them? “Think positive, make new friends, get out there and do stuff! Etc etc etc.” Like it’s so damn easy.

But reading and maybe laughing at someone else’s story worse off than ours, helps, in a twisted way. No? So, just hang, chill, share, comment, if you wish. Or not. ~CC


A ray of sunlight on a snowy day. Taken in the apartment I now call home.


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