Nobody. Somebody.

There is going to be a water shut down at my apartment block from tonight until the next morning – the second one in a week. Apparently, the 1st attempt did not happen. But I would not have known because I was not informed.

The management office did not send the notice to me. They have sent an email to my husband instead even though BOTH our email addresses were given. And this, despite the reminders through various means that includes marching to their office downstairs to remind them in person.


Said important notice from the management office.

So how it works here is that an email is sent out to the various apartments whenever there is a notice for anything from a parcel delivered to minor repairs or something like a water shut down as mentioned above. Considering I am at home most of the time – way more than my husband who is at work, not knowing stuff happening at the building or waiting till my husband “forward” the email to me is inefficient and frankly, quite annoying. I even got him to write to them to put me on the email list. Still. Nothing.

When I confronted the management office again, I was told because my husband has been listed as the main tenant and I am considered only living here with him. I beg your pardon!!! What, like a kept woman? FURY.

The form clearly stated both our contact details for any notifications. I told them on previous occasions that it just makes sense to direct them to me. What exactly can my husband do if you call him in the middle of work to inform him of a parcel arrival? Or if there is a fire alarm exercise?? What??? Hello, there is somebody at home and that somebody is me.

This reminds me of times when you know someone deliberately avoids acknowledging you. It is like one of those strange women (always a female, I don’t know why!) who sizes you up the moment you are introduced to her and the group, then her entire body language just signals a refusal to include you in the conversation – fake smile, no eye contact, faces away from you like you are not there…) Like a Mean Girl.

This incident has also reminded me of similar occasions when my husband and I just arrived (sounds so much like <<Fresh off the Boat>>. Love that show). Anyway, we went to one of the telcos to get our mobile lines, cable and internet connection settled the first week we got here. The account was put on my husband’s name (of course, I am a nobody, remember?). But yes, I understand it was done out of convenience since he holds a job and is registered to the apartment.

When we received our first bill, which almost made me fall off my chair, we wanted to understand the details of the charges. So guess who had to do this peripheral stuff? Nobody (Ok, I did).

So I called the telco, when through all those “Press 1 for…”, got kinda impatient with the constant drowning of promotional music and message before the customer service picked up. Finally, I thought. So imagine my fury (Again. I know. I am an angry person), when she said, “Sorry, I can’t share anything with you regarding this account. You do not have first-level clearance.” FIRST-LEVEL CLEARANCE. What are you, the Pentagon?

I just wanted to understand the bill and my phone number is part of the account! She needed my husband to call in and put me as a “first-level clearance account holder”.

Seriously, these little things that might sound insignificant to others, get to me. Not just because they made me feel like a nobody (ok, I am not that petty) but they are just not the most efficient way of doing things.

Now, excuse me while I go fill up pails of water in lieu of said water shut down because somebody has to.

Anybody willing is welcome to share your story. Whether you are a somebody or a nobody.


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