I can’t stop the feeling (So just dance, dance, dance)

I am posting this in the middle of the night. I have taken a tad too long to recover from the shock I watched on TV hours earlier. Yup, I am talking about the Academy Awards.

Photo credit: theindependent.co.uk

“Best Picture goes to…La La Land!” NOPE.

I started this post about 12 hours earlier with the intention to write as I watch the show and post after it. But the last 5 minutes happened in the strangest way and then I was glued to my phone reading the flurry of social media madness that exploded almost immediately.

~ ~ ~


Like, love. I love it like:

  • I find myself smiling, or feeling in awe (doesn’t it feel nice to see people win?) as I follow the 3-hour show with such intensity. My husband had to tap me to remind me to breathe.

  • how I would go on leave if it didn’t clash with work schedules (of course that was not what I told my boss) just to stay in to watch.

  • I am so NOT a morning person and yet, I would wake up at 6 am, (back home, 13 hours behind) to catch it from the red carpet arrival to the end of the ceremony.

  • Nuts!” (what my friends would say) when I’ll be giving them a running commentary via a slew of WhatsApp messages while they are at work.

Over the years, many people have trashed the Academy Awards saying that it’s passé, pointless, and totally commercialised. That it celebrates a bunch of overpaid, under-qualified and self-absorbed people in their own la la land. Maybe. Maybe not. Don’t care.

I can’t explain my obsession with the Academy Awards. Movie magic? It’s been like that for as long as I could remember. I never wanted to be a performer so it is not really an alter-ego thing. But I have always enjoyed a broad genre of music, fashion, and moving pictures, old and new. I tend toward movies like A Beautiful Mind, Good Will Hunting and The Theory of Everything but am also a fan of Marvel and DC superheroes and of course, Back to the Future (all of them). In fact, I have not found anyone who dislikes BTTF (you’ve got issues if you are not entertained by Marty McFly).

Aside from the sometimes long and strange speeches (remember Roberto Benigni’s for his win for <<Life is Beautiful>>?), the Awards is fun, shallow, glamorous, condemning and inspirational, all wrapped in a shiny package. What’s not to love?

This year, thanks to my husband (Ha! Sarcasm.), I am finally able to watch the show in peace, same time zone and not find an excuse not to go to work. Ok, not really in peace because I have to make dinner AND live tweet during the red carpet arrival for my assignment.

I am rooting for Emma Stone. So many great movies in the running for Best Picture this year. I want to hear more searing remarks about Mr FakeTanFakeNews from Jimmy Kimmel. I know all these people don’t know me and what they do have nothing to do with me but that’s the magic of pop culture, I suppose.

I love checking out the celebrities – what and who they are wearing? Hair! Make-up! Jewelry!

I scrutinise the gowns, their material, texture, colours and how they fit. Like how on earth, with all the resources, would one choose such ill-fitting and unflattering stuff? (Fire the stylist!) I enjoy fashion and the business of fashion. I studied fashion marketing and worked in the business before I went into teaching. That furthered my interest and it was part of my job to pay special attention to it.

My live tweeting assignment is about the red carpet arrivals and how it goes beyond just wearing beautiful clothes and jewellery. I was in PR and would be ecstatic like, literally jump and punch my fist in the air (uncool, I know) whenever the celebs stepped out in our pieces and the brand names got mentioned. The angle is about how celebrities (or their stylists and agents) choose to wear who they wear and if it is more of a business transaction than a great look. You can read about it here storify.com/SuddenDependent/oscars-red-carpet Well, all I can say is, competition on that red carpet is BRUTAL and not just for the celebs themselves.

I think there are a number of great moments from this year’s ceremony:

  • Jimmy Kimmel. Get him back next year! With a side of Matt Damon.

  • Bags of candies and cookies raining down on the audience. So cute!

  • The musical performances by Justin Timberlake, Sting, John Legend and Sara Bareilles. Proves that a great voice is all you need.

  • Surprised unknowing guests from a tour bus led into the ceremony

  • Emma wins!

  • Bonnie & Clyde presenting Best Picture to La La Land! Except, it’s not the Best Picture! What a strange moment. And what a big upset, not in the win for Moonlight but in the mix-up.

  • What a memorable way to end! It beats the “Adele Dazeem” moment hands-down. What the hell just happened???

Thanks, hubs (no sarcasm here) for letting me take over the TV since 4 pm last evening and just watching my madness unfolds. I am tired but it’s a different and fun experience watching it here.

Ok, I need to zzz. I know I will continue with Academy Awards overload on social media when I finally wake up from this Oscars coma.


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