Spring is here (croons Sinatra)

It is officially Spring.

IMG_4041According to the many social media feeds in the last few days, Spring is a time for renewal and how it got its term was the description of crops springing from the ground. It has also been widely reported that Spring is not going to feel like Spring as all the imagery describes – flowers blooming, birds singing and clear skies.

Now, I would not have given much thoughts about the above-mentioned. Sure, I have read books, watched movies and admired paintings and photos depicting the beautiful season. The closest association I have with Spring (and Summer, Fall and Winter) is with fashion.

Due to the lack of distinct seasons, exposure to seasonal produce, apparel (and footwear as mentioned in the previous post), florals and fauna (even though Singapore is also known as a garden city) and the general seasonal vibes is subdued. It’s just not the same when you celebrate Christmas in 30 deg C and ‘snow’ made off styrofoam.

I am from a tropical island in Southeast Asia that is about 144 km or 89 miles from the equator. To me (and most of my fellow countrymen), there is only one season and that season is HAH! – Hot And Humid! 32 degree Celsius (89.6 F) on average. All. Year. Round.

Singapore is an urban city, similar to Toronto. Singapore is similar in size, very slightly larger to the City of Toronto but contains twice as many people (moving close to 6 million). It is also a multi-racial and multi-cultural society. In fact, there are many parities, not just in the physical sense but also people and the way things work, as I have noticed since I got here.

Despite the lack of natural, home-grown produce, food or access to a wide variety of food is never an issue in Singapore. In fact, Singaporeans are very proud of our cuisine. Ask anyone who has left the country long enough and the first thing they miss is almost always the food.

But there is something about feeling, wearing, buying and cooking seasonal that I find quaint. Perhaps it is a novelty for me who do not get to enjoy four seasons back home and hence not take it for granted.

What I have enjoyed in terms of seasonal changes since the move to the Great White North (sounds so Game of Thrones) are:

  1. Snow – I know, I have a well-documented love-hate relationship with it

  2. Seasonal produce – How amazingly fresh and beautiful are those apples and asparagus!

  3. Me paying attention to said seasonal produce and trying new ones – Housewife who cooks but has never touched squash.

  4. Abundance and price of fresh flowers – Gerberas (my favourite), tulips, iris, hydrangeas. They are very costly back home. And don’t last because it’s way too hot.

I am no botanist but I have always had some green fingers. I used to have pots of hydrangeas (those cute balls of blooms lasted only for a week) and bamboo in my apartment and the money plants in my office. My work desk used to be identified as the one with “that mini tree over there”.

I plan to add on pots of plants and building my little indoor flower garden. My chrysanthemum, daisies, bamboo and tulips need more friends. Le husband thinks it’s too much in a tiny apartment. Who cares what le husband thinks.

I am also looking forward to check out the fresh fruits and vegetables in the local markets. Those small family-run ones are the best. (Sorry, Metro and Loblaws.) Gotta give those foreign vegetables a go 🙂

Even though it has been a foggy start to Spring on this first day of the season, I hope the weather clears up soon and I can enjoy Spring as per those storybook and movie imageries I so anticipate.

What do you appreciate most about Spring? Share it!


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