I am:

a newbie in Toronto. Arrived here with my husband on Boxing Day 2016.

Home is:

the sunny-year-round, 18-hour-flight-away, tiny red dot in Southeast Asia, known as Singapore.

I love:

pop culture spanning across fashion, film, television and music. Education. Psychology. And SHOES.

Before Toronto, I:

made young adults miserable by teaching them stuff about Marcomms and life. Made and spent my own money. Shed sweat and tears when no one was watching.

Prior to making young adults miserable, I:

made my boss miserable by spending too much on press relations and organising expensive events for luxury brands. Made my own money and spent too much on shoes. Shed sweat and tears when no one was watching.

And now, I:

Cook. Clean. Check out supermarket coupons. Do not make my own money. Do not like it. Still shedding sweat and tears and making sure my husband is watching.